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  • Malls Construction

    INDMK Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd. specialize in building the latest type of shopping mall structure so that your brand can bring in the kind of business it needs to generate profits. These structures have to be well planned with provisions for not just shops but also convenience for handicapped people, shoppers, water, electricity, and adequate lighting.

    INDMK Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd. team will have a detailed discussion on what type of shopping mall to build so that you get a design that is in accordance with your needs. Our team will construct the structure with the best possible layout, including good entrances, exits, and various spaces for rest, entertainment, eating, and shopping.

    Shopping malls are places where people come to read and enjoy themselves with their friends and family; hence, our team will come up with ingenious interior design that has a wonderful impact on those entering the premises. Only the latest in interior styling will be used so that the mall has an inside look that is modern and stylish, attracting more people to come and stay for a long period of time.

    The mall design is such that it will bring in quality materials into the flooring and structural elements so that the look inside and outside is vibrant and refreshing. As soon as people come inside, they will feel they have entered a fun zone in which they can enjoy shopping, eating, watching a movie, playing games, and much more.

    Our experts know exactly what is required to construct a shopping mall that is spacious and has enough space for various types of retail outlets. They offer space for businesses of various types to operate and cater to people. The mall will be large enough to accommodate the crowd that is expected to enter and can also provide for their food, water, and other entertainment needs through different types of structural facilities.

    INDMK Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd. are a young team of technocrats led by industry experts with an experience of more than 18 years in the field of Electrical, Control & Instrumentation. We provide professional services to the resources & energy sectors and process industries, from small revamping contracts to complete greenfield projects.

    INDMK Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd. believe that together we can transform industries, grow economies, and sustain our environment. Because it’s the best-run businesses that make the world run better and improve people’s lives. The same entrepreneurial spirit drives our culture of creativity, diversity, and collaboration.


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