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  • Dairy Plant

    INDMK Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd. company is a leader in the design and contractors / construction of modern dairy plants that are capable of huge production on a daily basis. The plant will be able to process milk and also manufacture its related products like buttermilk, flavoured milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, and other similar cultured items. The design will incorporate those features that keep the highest levels of hygiene in place so that items produced are clean and suitable for consumer consumption. Since the plant produces items with acidic content, our team ensures that materials used in constructing pipes, flooring, and drains are ones that can tolerate it.

    INDMK Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd. One important feature needed for proper functioning of the plant is properly filtered air, which helps in bacteriophage control. There should also be proper management of various functions like dry materials, fluids, solids, and packaged products. Our dairy plant design and contractors / construction will implement steps that include all these features so that the production process for various types of dairy products takes place smoothly. There will be critical care rooms in place to stop cross-contamination and enhance the shelf life of dairy items. Steps will be taken to ensure that the ‘whey water’ created in the plant from production processes is recycled and reused so that there is less demand for fresh water.

    INDMK Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd. plant will be strong and capable of managing the production capacity that you require on a daily basis. It will have spaces to install various types of machines needed for the plant to function properly. It will also have various cleaning facilities so that the place will be well-maintained while various dairy products are processed. Our team will design and install structural systems that comply with the latest standards for safety, hygiene, and production, thus ensuring that the best practices are put in place for dairy production to be carried out smoothly.

    INDMK Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd. are a young team of technocrats led by industry experts with an experience of more than 18 years in the field of Electrical, Control & Instrumentation. We provide professional services to the resources & energy sectors and process industries, from small revamping contracts to complete greenfield projects.

    INDMK Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd. believe that together we can transform industries, grow economies, and sustain our environment. Because it’s the best-run businesses that make the world run better and improve people’s lives. The same entrepreneurial spirit drives our culture of creativity, diversity, and collaboration.


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